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100+ years helping companies sell to military commissaries and exchanges
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With 100 years of relationships and expertise, you will not find a more valuable organization like ALA to position in and sell to the military market.


As an ALA Member, you are assigned a team of professionals whose number one job is to protect your interests and help you generate and increase revenue.

comprehensive access

Tailored to the needs of executives and managers in the military channel, you will find item listings by outlet, promotional performance, inventory levels, along with detailed reports.

relationship management

ALA is the only association in the Nation that helps you meet the right decision makers, the right inventory specialists, and the right contracting specialists.


For over 100 years, since it’s inception in 1920, (link to history) the American Logistics Association has been the only association dedicated to the success and survival of the military resale industry and the protection of the industry’s benefit to America’s armed forces.


In the associations history thousands of companies have depended on ALA to facilitate and support their success in military resale.

$19 billion

The military marketplace is a nearly $19 Billion industry made up of commissaries, exchanges, foodservice, and MWR programs.


The American Logistics Association represents nearly 200 of America’s leading businesses across a wide spectrum of products and services doing business in the unique military marketplace. Manufacturers, brokers, distributors, media, service providers, and more make up our diverse membership portfolio. (include a few large company logos)

2 million

ALA is proud to advocate daily for the protection of the quality of life benefits that directly impact the lives of over 2 million active duty soldiers, retirees, veterans and their families.

“The US Government is the largest organization in the world and ALA can help you gain access to a  $20 billion industry with nearly 40 million shoppers”


-VP, Nestle

“If you want to successfully sell and accelerate your business with military commissaries and exchanges, whether you are a small or large business, membership with ALA is one of the most important decisions you will make”

Where else can you find targeted market access to a $20 billion industry in 50 states, 2 U.S. Territories, and 30 countries serving 12.1 million customers at brick-n-mortar locations and more than 30 million online customers?

There are many companies that believe they understand the process and business model, however, many end up calling ALA. We can not overemphasize the value obtained from working with ALA. Joining ALA gives you the power of association representation. The association’s professional and expert staff will provide the answers you need and the association will represent your company’s interests when you become a Member.

ALA provides the contacts and relationships you need to be successful. ALA is the only association in the Nation that helps you meet the right decision makers, the right inventory specialists, and the right contracting specialists. Our members are provided with multiple paths for building relationships that facilitates success. Throughout the year, whether it’s ALA’s World Wide Directory, Roundtable events, Impact Workshops, National conferences, or a referral and introduction between you and military resale executives, you will make the necessary contacts.

ALA has an extensive portfolio of members-only content, information, and strategies that makes our staff and members-only portal the “First Call” for information and research for our Members. The military channel is like any other channel, whether commercial or government, where market entry is complex until you understand how the market operates. That’s one of the major advantages of being a part of our community. We not only educate and train you, but we accelerate your entry into the military resale channel.

Our job is to help you create and increase a military resale revenue stream.
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