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Mission and Role

The American Logistics Association (ALA) has a long tradition of being in the right place at the right time and serving as the focal point for partnership and representation in the military market place. The Association’s role as the legitimate voice for the military resale market (and being a true change-agent in support of a better quality of life) resonates now more than ever.


“The Mission of the American Logistics Association is to promote, protect, and enhance the military resale and quality of life benefits on behalf of our Members and the military community.” ALA has adopted a set of values, that when applied to daily business, sets the foundation for a modern, best practice trade association. This solid foundation coupled with the compelling goal of improving the quality of life for our military members and their families, forges a powerful engine for continued growth and meaningful results. ALA values can be summed up as: PRIDE, professionalism, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and expertise.

Effective, Legitimate, and Responsive

ALA is a modern, best practice trade association that is a critical supporter and tireless advocate promoting a world class quality of life for America’s military and their families. Through our unique partnerships with the military resale system, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and marketing companies, we facilitate the relationships necessary to successfully sell and support this unique shopping channel.

Goals – The Vital Few

  • Effectively represent the value proposition of military resale and theMWR contribution to quality of life.
  • Provide forums and facilitate business opportunities that enhance the ability of the resale organizations and association members to achieve positive business outcomes.
  • Promote a positive public image of the military marketplace and association membership

The Role of the Association

The American Logistics Association (ALA) has a long history of being an effective and positive advocate for improved quality of life for the military and their families. The association provides key services to its members and business partners:

  • Work proactively to enhance members’ ability to sell, earn profit, be competitive
  • Represent the members’ interest at all levels of the legislative and regulatory process
  • Provide information and advice to members
  • Provide world class public relations and communications
  • Provide market opportunities
  • Promote training and education
  • Promote innovation and technology to enhance business processes
  • Provide an enjoyable and mutually beneficial experience