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Who Are Our Members?

Membership with the American Logistics Association is based on your company’s category:


The American Logistics Association represents hundreds of America’s leading manufacturers across a wide spectrum of products from consumer package goods to electronics and everything in between. Military resale outlets range from small grocery outlets in overseas locations to stores in the United States that do well over $1 million a week in sales. There are department stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, food concessions, wine, beer and spirits outlets, child care centers, fitness centers, auto craft centers and libraries.

In many cases, the business environment in which daily transactions take place is unique to the military marketplace. Over the years, industry’s commitment to the military market place has led to a strong an unparalleled relationship between ALA, industry leadership, and military buyers. The focus of ALA’s Members has led to increased customer satisfaction, increased store excitement, increases sales and increased profits /savings.

Brokers and Distributors

Over the course of many years, this support structure has led to the evolution of a broker network that provides merchandising and marketing support throughout the military market place. New ALA Members are introduced to this network the day they join the association in order to maximize and accelerate market entry. This is one of the many advantages to being an ALA Member.

There are brokers who focus primarily on commissary sales and there are brokers that represent companies across the entire military resale and MWR community.

You have products to sell, but how do you get them to the marketplace? Our association includes distributors who provide the logistical element to get your products to the intended destination whether it is in the United States or overseas.

Media and Advertising

The military channel has its own unique challenges from navigating government regulations about advertising to communication with members of congress and senior DoD officials. ALA has several media members who specialize in understanding and communicating the nuances of the military marketplace to the public.


The Military Food Service feeding operations are big business. Service Headquarters operate dining facilities, messes, galleys, food trucks and C-Stores worldwide in peacetime and wartime in all environments around the world. ALA provides member support to companies currently doing business in this section of military resale who are invested in ensuring the Service Member receives a healthy, nutritious meal. ALA provides these member companies with a wealth of information directly related to selling, promoting and distributing products to the military food service operation.  

Service Providers

ALA also hosts a group of service providers that deliver a needed set of tools to the military channel. These include consulting, bill-paying, data-sourcing and management.


If you do not fall into one of the above categories, you can join as an affiliate member.